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Understanding Montessori Day Care

Parents have seemingly endless child care options for pre-k. Narrow your search by choosing between a traditional child care center and a Montessori day care. In general, you will see that Montessori options offer numerous advantages to conventional child care, but you'll have to make the best decision for you and your child. Learn more about Montessori day care. 

Montessori Philosophy: An Overview

Montessori schools emphasize child-motivated lessons. The idea is that the child should learn by playing and choosing the activities they want to participate in. Every child has an individualized lesson plan. Since they pick instead of following a strict curriculum, they learn better since they learn the topics that interest them the most. 

The Montessori philosophy itself is not attached to any religion. Some private schools follow both a religious and Montessori curriculum, though. 

Benefits of Montessori Day Care

1. Increased Academic Achievement

While daycare includes a lot of play and socialization, the point of a Montessori school is to learn. Activities are designed to teach children. Alternatively, many daycares serve as babysitting centers without emphasizing education. 

Children may learn by reading books, playing with building blocks, or getting creative. Children can pick what they want to learn each day. 

2. Advanced Socialization

Social skills require practice. In a Montessori school, children with similar interests will get the opportunity to play together. Since the interactions are more natural and based on a common interest, it aids in social development. 

Children in Montessori schools don't separate based on age. Younger children will get the chance to learn from older kids, and older students get the chance to teach their younger peers. 

3. Happiness 

Since children get the opportunity to learn what interests them, they will enjoy school more. They will also show greater happiness in general. 

4. Preparation For Life

Since children learn independently, they learn to take initiative and make decisions. Soon, they will have the ability to motivate themselves in college and at work. 

Furthermore, Montessori philosophy encourages a clean environment to promote a good learning environment. Children will learn to stay organized and maintain their space throughout the day,

Disadvantages of Montessori Day Care

While Montessori schools come with a lot of benefits, those benefits tend to come with a higher price than traditional day care. Furthermore, some children thrive better in a more regimented environment. 

When you are ready to pick a school, take a tour at a Montessori day care to see the difference for yourself. For more information on day care, contact a professional near you.