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Go Beyond Basic: How To Teach About Order In The Living Cell In A Fun And Exciting Way

If you're trying to teach about the spatial order in a living cell and you want to capture your students' attention, you've got your work cut out for you. Students don't always absorb as much information as they need to when lessons don't grab their attention. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to grab their attention when you're teaching about order in a living cell from out of a textbook. Sometimes, you need to get creative. Here are four ways to get your students excited about lessons involving the spatial order in a living cell. 

Turn the Lesson Into a Production

If you want your students to enjoy learning about the spatial order in a living cell, turn the lesson into a full-blown production. Break your students up into groups, and have them write short plays about the various aspects of a living cell, including organelles, mitochondria, and chloroplasts. Once the students have completed their plays, have them perform them in front of the class. This will allow your students to learn about the order in a living cell in a fun and collaborative way. 

Create a Hands-On Lesson

If your students aren't quite old enough to write and perform plays, they can still have fun learning about the order in a living cell. One way to create a fun environment for learning is to engage your students in hands-on lessons. You can do that through the use of coloring sheets, modeling clay, and even edible art. Bring plain cookies into the classroom and have your students use icing to draw cell components. Once the cookies are decorated, the students can enjoy eating their lessons. 

Provide a Closer Look

If your next module involves the spatial order in a living cell, it's time to bring out the microscopes. Students often do their best learning when they're able to participate in a visual lesson. One of the best ways to teach about the order in a living cell is to let students see that order. If there aren't enough microscopes to go around the room, break your students into smaller groups and let them work as teams. This way, they can discuss what they find with their partners. 

Do Some Research

Finally, if you want your students to learn as much as they can about the spatial order in a living cell, get them excited about research. Online searches are a great way for students to expand their knowledge about living cells.