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Two Tips To Prepare Your Child For IQ Testing

It is always exciting to find out that a child is tagged as academically gifted. The schooling opportunities that a gifted child is exposed to make quite the difference in their career choices when they are older, as Ivy League schooling is always well viewed by potential employers.  As a parent recently advised that their child is ready for IQ testing, it is important your child approaches this test in a confident and calm manner. Here are two tips you can use to make sure your child is well prepared for this important test.

Explain Why The Test Is Important

Your child is naturally going to be curious about why they have to take the IQ test, especially since not everyone in their class will be invited to do so. When you explain what the IQ test is and why it is necessary, it is important you do so in a non-overbearing way. For example, a parent who oversells the test to their child could potentially frighten them enough that they don't perform well on the testing day. If a child feels their whole life will be judged if they don't get a high score on the IQ test, then this pressure can cause them to freeze mentally.

Rather than mentioning the future, sell the IQ test to your child in a positive, low-key manner. Simply explain to them that this is a test to see how much your child has learned in comparison to their peers. You could also tell them that they may be offered different study classes based on these results, but do not overwhelm your child with too many details.

Explain How The Test Works

An IQ test can appear complicated at first glance, so explaining how the test works could remove any fear your child may have when they first open the test paper. Explain to your child that each question is a test designed to measure their analytical thinking, spatial recognition, mathematical abilities, and memory. If you search the internet, you can find examples of IQ test questions which you can show to your child to ease their curiosity and fears.

It is important you do not attempt to constantly pre-test the IQ test in the hope of getting a higher score for your child. An IQ test at this age is designed to make sure your child gets the learning opportunities they need based on their current abilities. If you try to upgrade your child to a higher educational class before they are ready, they will struggle with the advanced learning, and this creates a negative environment for them to learn in.

To learn more about IQ testing, check out websites like iq-brain.com.